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Soy Isoflavones

We can supply soy isoflavone of natural or synthetic source, containing isoflavone from 10% to 80%. Eating soy foods ¨C soy isoflavone is a natural source ¨C may protect and enhance your overall health. Soy isoflavone works together with soy protein to help fight disease. Soy isoflavone is a class of phytochemical compounds found only in plants. Soy isoflavone is also a type of phytoestrogen or plant hormone that resembles human oestrogen in chemical structure. Soy isoflavone is found mostly in soybeans and chickpeas. Soy isoflavone helps protect the human body against diseases. By blocking the cancer-causing effects of human oestrogen, Soy isoflavone is thought to help reduce breast cancer.

NO Products Name Type Code
1  Soy Isoflavones 15%(HPLC)
15% (100% Soy Bean Extract) S15-1
15% (100% Soy Germ Extract) S15-2
15% (High Ratio of Aglycone) S15-6
15% (Genistein:Daidzein=1.3:1) S15-7
2 Soy Isoflavones 20%(HPLC)
20% (100% Soy Bean Extract) S20-1
20% (100% Soy Germ Extract) S20-2
20% (Genistin:Daidzin=1:1) S20-3
20% (Genistin:Daidzin=1:2) S20-4
20% (Genistin:Daidzin=2:1) S20-5
20% (High Ratio of Aglycone) S20-6
20% (Genistein:Daidzein=1.3:1) S20-7
3 Soy Isoflavones30%(HPLC)
30% (100% Soy Bean Extract) S30-1
30% (100% Soy Germ Extract) S30-2
30% (Genistin:Daidzin=1:1) S30-3
30% (Genistin:Daidzin=1:2) S30-4
30% (Genistin:Daidzin=2:1) S30-5
30% (High Ratio of Aglycone) S30-6
30% (Genistein:Daidzein=1.3:1) S30-7
4 Soy Isoflavones40%(HPLC)
40% (100% Soy Bean Extract) S40-1
40% (100% Soy Germ Extract) S40-2
40% (Genistin:Daidzin=1:1) S40-3
40% (Genistin:Daidzin=1:2) S40-4
40% (Genistin:Daidzin=2:1) S40-5
40% (High Ratio of Aglycone) S40-6
40% (Genistein:Daidzein=1.3:1) S40-7

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